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  A Safer Workplace

For those who are open and serving your guests the challenge of constantly changing regulations has been an ongoing struggle. Are you able to maintain these new standards? If you've been closed and are reopening amid these new changes, are you missing something that could put your employees and guests at risk?


Eye on your Brand can review your current standards and provide support and solutions, if needed. Additionally, we specialize in validating that processes and standards are executed properly, while identifying areas of opportunity and excellence. This allows for continued improvement, recognition and peace of mind.

Food Service - Convenience - Corporate - Financial - Retail - Distribution

  • Social Distancing Guidelines

  • Policy & Procedure Review

  • Temperature Screening

  • PPE Guidelines 

  • Visitor/Vendor Guidelines

  • Sanitation Procedures

  • Contamination Control

  • Guest Interactions


Hand Washing

Consistency & Frequency



Does Not Have to Stop You



Preparation & Packaging

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