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Busness Owners
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Brand Protection

All Business Owners Deserve Affordable Professional Services


Large corporations and Big Box retailers share common obstacles with  small business owners. Employee theft, increasing accident costs, fraud, food safety concerns and customer service issues that impact profits! What small business owners do not have in common with large corporations is the ability to afford full-time Loss Prevention, Safety, and Operational Standard departments.  Sadly, when in need, small business owners are forced to rely on several overpriced companies, many of which hire entry level auditors who just check a box. Eye on your Brand wants small business owners to have access to affordable brand and profit protection services, delivered by experienced industry professionals. 

As former senior leaders for multi-billion-dollar corporations, we understand the direct impact inconsistent loss prevention, safety and poor operational efficiencies have on profit and potential brand exposure.

All business owners deserve affordable and professional services. The Eye on your Brand mission is simple,

we deliver service that exceeds our client’s expectations. Our level of quality and integrity defines us

by delivering programs that truly help our clients. Finally, our customized reviews allow our clients to be more proactive versus reactive when dealing with training, moral and driving sales.

Eye on your Brand is the future of profit optimization. We help businesses increase revenue, growth and maximize profitability through identifying the obstacles that are impacting their profits.
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