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Larry would like Eye on your Brand support with loss prevention and safety. 

Larry has 40 Locations and a

tight budget. See below-

Larry's budget

  • $99 per location, per month for loss prevention and safety

Larry's Eye on your Brand services

  • Quarterly Transaction LP Review (All)

  • Monthly safety check (All locations)R

  • Video for all accidents reviewed and archived, as needed.

How much can Asset Protection support from an industry professional cost for

40 locations?


Less than a milk shake per day, per location.

Larry's annualized Return on Investment 30.87%

EOYB Results

  • Identified multiple cash thefts

  • Identified alcohol beverage loss

  • Identified food safety opportunities

  • 24% reduction in lacerations

  • 21% reduction in burns 

  • 13% reduction in slip & falls

  • Mitigated loss on both WC & GL claims by having video checked & available. 

To get started, Larry just clicked
to request a quick survey on areas of profit loss that are important to his business.

Eye on your Brand quickly reviewed and returned a recommendation on the number of hours suggested to deliver Larry measurable results.

Larry was surprised how easy and affordable it was to get started. And LOVED the return on investment from the start! 

*Note: not all companies will realize the same return on investment. Multiple variables contribute to a return on investment and some returns may be less and some may be more.

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